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Wednesday 22 September 2004

Links - UK Politics

I've added a new section to my links in the column at right. The 'Links - UK Politics' section shows links to many of the political parties which operate throughout the UK or in parts of it. The list is not entirely exhaustive, although I will be filling in most of the gaps.

There is, however, one party that I shall not be linking to and I don't plan to mention which it is here, either, although those familiar with British politics will no doubt be able to deduce fairly easily which that is. Whilst I try to be impartial in including links which represent a broad spectrum of opinion, there are certain limits to my tolerance, and I make no apology for this; I detail my reasoning in my 'Links Policy' page .

I'm launching this links section now because we are currently in the first week of the annual conference season (currently the Liberal Democrats and the SNP are holding their conferences) and the Labour and Conservative parties will be holding their conferences in coming weeks. Also, we are probably going to have a General Election in the UK next spring, although of course it does not have to be held until May 2006, so this conference season is probably more important than most. Enjoy ... if that's the right word!

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