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Monday 13 September 2004

Holy Your Majesty!!

Batman has taken up residence,presumably temporarily, on a ledge at the front of Buck House; his sidekick Robin seems to have been taken into custody quite rapidly. Jason Hatch, a campaigner for "Fathers 4 Justice", has carried out this audacious publicity stunt under the eyes of the world's media, causing embarrassment for our security forces; if they cannot protect the residence of our Head of State (Her Majesty is not currently in residence, as She is still on vacation at Balmoral), then it does not give a lot of confidence that the security of the rest of us is particularly certain.

I was just watching someone on the 6pm BBC News, presumably from the Metropolitan Police although I didn't catch his name, saying that a 'snap judgement' was made that these were not dangeous terrorists and that if they had been judged to be terrorists they would already be dead as trained marksmen have them in their sights. Despite my slightly 'arch' commentary in the previous paragraph I tend to accept this as a valid judgement; it will do no-one any good at all if this person falls from the ledge and injures himself, no doubt the reason for the authorities' patience in trying to negotiate an end to the protest.

It's not so very long ago that this same group of protesters staged a similarly spectacular coup in the House of Commons when coloured flour was thrown at the Prime Minister. Whatever the merits of their case, they do seem to have a knack of exploiting clever ways of getting publicity.

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