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Friday 27 August 2004

Prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, Iraq - and at Guantanamo and in Afghanistan

Not only does this report comprehensively nail the lie that the Geneva Conventions were being applied in Iraq, but also the lie that those same conventions were being applied 'in general terms' (Rumsfeld's words) at Guantanamo and in Afghanistan.

It is good that a mechanism exists to get at the truth. That's the good news. The bad news is that Rumsfeld is still in post. The US has gone a long way in its self-investigation. Now it needs to complete the job and get rid of Mr Rumsfeld. Over to you, Mr Bush ... (a long wait is anticipated)

... and this is the farce surrounding the permission now granted (for the first time) for lawyers to visit the four remaining UK citizens held at Guantanamo - they will not even be able to report back on the physical condition of the detainees to their families. This, after nearly 1,000 days without charges having been brought before any court, even of the 'kangaroo' kind. Is the US a nation guided by civilised, democratic procedures, or is it an out-of-control monster? The answer should clearly be 'what utter nonsense' and until recently I would have had absolutely no doubts, but one does begin to wonder.

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