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Saturday 24 May 2003

Congratulations to Turkey - Eurovision Song Contest Winners for 2003!!

I think the winning song was among the top three songs of the evening - so, in my humble opinion, the result is reasonably fair - or as fair as these things ever are.

The one country that this year received NO votes was, of course, the United Kingdom. A very unusual occurrence. However, there is one comment I have to make - it was a pretty awful song; personally, I voted it 4th from the bottom, so at that level I think it is reasonably fair.

The more important reason, however, why 'we' received NO votes this year had nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of the entry, but had everything to do with a certain recent military adventure in which the United Kingdom participated - of course, I refer to the war to liberate Iraq from the thuggish Ba'ath regime of Saddam Hussein.

In summary, the Eurovision Song Contest is a bit of fun - or that's the way I look at it. It is a small price to pay, to have received NO votes, for having participated with our good allies the United States of America in the successful effort to remove Saddam Hussein.

Once again, though - sincere congratulations to Turkey!! Next year, Ankara (or Istanbul?).

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