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Friday 13 December 2002

Cardinal Law of Boston resigns, at long last!!

A full report on this wonderful day is carried by the BBC, but it seems this odious individual has finally given something approaching an ‘apology’, but some of his critics in Boston have suggested that an apology is not nearly enough. "These are not the actions of someone who is repenting," Mike Emerton, a spokesman for Voice of the Faithful, is quoted as telling BBC News Online.
As a damage limitation exercise, this resignation is perhaps a start, but I think the Catholic Church is deluding itself if it imagines that it will not be forced to face severe penalties, financial and other, which whilst they will never recompense for the harm caused by the Church by its flagrant flouting of the criminal law will, perhaps, demonstrate that it is not above the laws of countries in which its agents operate.

It remains to be seen whether Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor in England will ultimately be forced to follow Cardinal Law into well-deserved career oblivion.

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