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'From fanaticism to barbarism is only one step' - Diderot

Thursday 19 December 2002

"Iraq in material breach" says Secretary of State Colin Powell

Just a few moments ago I watched a live newscast of Colin Powell announcing the United States initial conclusions after studying the 12,200 page dossier supplied by Iraq in apparent compliance with UN SCR 1441. As expected (by me, anyway) the US has concluded that Iraq is in material breach of various of its obligations. This appears to confirm reports I heard earlier today that [even] Hans Blix, UN Chief Weapons Inspector, has reached a similar conclusion.

It is difficult to see that military action against the Iraqi regime, as currently constituted, can be long delayed...

Monday 16 December 2002

Just how dark are the secrets of the Roman Catholic Church in England?

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor is this evening at the centre of new allegations concerning the transfer of priests involved in paedophilia to parishes where they were not supposed to be in contact with children. In the case discussed in this evening's 'Newsnight' programme (BBC2), it seems that a priest has been placed in a home immediately opposite a primary school and that he has been taking Mass regularly and become involved in the teaching of children - apparently without the Church's knowledge, or so we are led to believe (an interview with a Church official seemed to indicate this; the person involved described the allegations revealed in the programme, if true, as 'insensitive' - well, that's one word for it, I suppose).

During the programme a Labour MP who took part in the programme called upon the Cardinal to resign, saying that the Church had still not taken on board the gravity of its past (and perhaps present) conduct. This story will no doubt develop in coming days.

Friday 13 December 2002

Cardinal Law of Boston resigns, at long last!!

A full report on this wonderful day is carried by the BBC, but it seems this odious individual has finally given something approaching an ‘apology’, but some of his critics in Boston have suggested that an apology is not nearly enough. "These are not the actions of someone who is repenting," Mike Emerton, a spokesman for Voice of the Faithful, is quoted as telling BBC News Online.
As a damage limitation exercise, this resignation is perhaps a start, but I think the Catholic Church is deluding itself if it imagines that it will not be forced to face severe penalties, financial and other, which whilst they will never recompense for the harm caused by the Church by its flagrant flouting of the criminal law will, perhaps, demonstrate that it is not above the laws of countries in which its agents operate.

It remains to be seen whether Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor in England will ultimately be forced to follow Cardinal Law into well-deserved career oblivion.