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Wednesday 16 October 2002

Britain's House of Lords today debates The Adoption and Children Bill

I've posted a lengthy article about this today in my main website - click here to read it.

However, I noticed yesterday that Andrew Sullivan had posted a brief reference to an interesting story about a milk protest at an Aberdeen school, which he had noticed in one of the blogs written by Iain Murray.

The remarks about the milk protest were interesting in themselves, but what interested me more was what appears to be Iain Murray's extreme euro-scepticism (bordering on europhobia, I'd say) - fair enough, this appears to tie in with what I have gleaned in the past to be Andrew Sullivan's doubts about further European integration. Not a view I share, of course, but no matter. However, in one of Iain Murray's other blogs, called Conservative Revival, I was able to read with interest his intellectual gymnastics trying to explain why the Conservative Party policy, under its present leader Iain Duncan Smith, of opposing repeal of 'Section 28' is correct. Frankly, I am not convinced in any way by his arguments - unless he has some method of restraining the biological urges of adolescent boys and girls. His argument seems to be that sex education in schools should be avoided as much as possible. Restoration of Victorian values is all very well, but it does not strike me as particularly practical. Having gone to the same university college is no excuse for Andrew Sullivan, as a gay man, seeming to support this man's views!

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