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Tuesday 9 April 2002

President Bush, speaking in Knoxville, Tennessee on Monday reiterated his demand for Israel to withdraw from the territories it has occupiued in the past few weeks, saying: "I meant what I said to the Prime Minister of Israel. I expect there to be withdrawal without delay." He also called on Arab leaders to "stand up and condemn terrorism, terrorist activity".

It is now reported that Israel is to begin 'within hours' withdrawing troops from two West Bank towns. It is clear that Israel means to continue with its policies for as long as possible, despite the intense pressure coming from Washington. What is also clear is that the Palestinians, and other Arab leaders need to do their bit, too, in de-escalating the level of tension in the region by calling clearly and unambiguously for terrorist activity to cease.

Expect to pay more to fill up your tank with petrol over the coming days and weeks (Iraq halts oil exports for a month - crude prices rise immediately, falling back only slightly a little later).

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