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Tuesday 6 August 2013

Blatant cold caller denies her call is a "cold call", says is from Scotia Energy

A short time ago the telephone rings and I see that the number display shows the number of the caller; I kind of recognise 01382 as being a Dundee number, so as I have family there I pick up the telephone.

The [female] caller says: Can I speak to Mr or Mrs Cameron?
(Ed: There is of course no "Mrs Cameron", so it was immediately clear this was not a personal call, although because I have [elderly] family in the Dundee area I thought it might just possibly be a hospital or other genuine caller.)

I respond: Who is calling?

She says: I'm just calling to give you some information about Scotia Energy ..

I interrupt her saying: This is a cold call and I am signed up to the TPS. Why are you cold calling me?

She responds: No, it's not a cold call, it's to give you information ..

I interrupt again: I never contacted your company and asked you to call. It is a cold call. Please do not try and call again. (I then replaced the receiver.)

Note: The caller number was 01382 250143 and a 'Google' search reveals this is a well-known originator of cold calls, with a number of the persons reporting cold calls mentioning that the call was made for on behalf of Scotia Energy. A 'Google' search for Scotia Energy reveals it is based in Glenrothes in Fife (website:

Of course I have no idea if the lady cold caller who called me is an employee or if she is merely a cold call operative contracted directly or indirectly to pester people on behalf of this company. In any case she won't be bothering me again as I have blocked the number using the "choose to refuse" service I subscribe to.

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