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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Scam calls and the "it's just a courtesy call" 'gambit' (aka 'lie')

I had another scam call today from someone who asked if I was "William Cameron" - I asked who was calling. The response was "It's just a courtesy call. I'm calling from the Highland Energy Forum ...".

The call today was from 0844 376 0095, and a quick internet search reveals that this is a known telemarketer scam outfit with many other people being pestered by these idiots. As for the notion that it is some great favour or "courtesy" that these people are doing me or other recipients, this is no more than a bare-faced lie - they are calling, uninvited (despite me being signed up to the TPS) to try and sell me something that I do not want to buy, or if I did I would initiate the transaction myself with a reputable firm, not by talking to some shady outfit that specialises in bothering people it has no right to be contacting.

Yet another number has now been added to my 'choose to refuse' list!

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