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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Fridge keeps his cool ...

Those who know me will already know that I have next to no interest (in fact that would be more accurately described as 'absolutely no interest') in football, but the recent sterling result by Nairn County Football Club in winning the final of the North of Scotland Football Cup match 2-1 against Wick Academy, a result which prompted the 'Wee County' manager, Les Fridge, to say:
"The cup win is a fantastic achievement for the club, but I’ll be emphasising to the players again this week that they cannot afford to get carried away by it. Now, we need to focus. Winning the cup was nice and we celebrated it, but it’s done and consigned to the history books. We have a massive couple of weeks coming up with a match against Formartine United, before facing Forfar in the Scottish Cup. However, we’ve got plenty of mental strength and experience within the squad to keep the focus on what we want to do this season. We’ll now move on and try to create another successful chapter to our story of the season."
- seems a suitable occasion for me to mention an activity I almost never do.

I first became aware of this gentleman's name some years ago, a few years after I came to live in Nairn, and did a double-take the first time I read it to satisfy myself it really is his name. I hope he won't mind me using his name in a punning manner in the title of this article, should he ever become aware of it - it is only meant humorously and in no way maliciously. Incidentally, I became aware just a week or so ago of another name, this time of a place called Snodland (which is a town in Kent, by the way) which I did not immediately realise was a real place; it sounded more like something out of The Lord of the Rings or some other fantasy/historical novel. What this really highlights, I suppose, is my own cultural insularity, a 'fault' of which by its very nature people tend to be unaware they exhibit until something comes along to jolt them (or in this case, me) out of their complacency.

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