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Saturday 28 July 2012

Keynesian Economics - the illusion exposed

So you STILL think a Keynesian economic model is a good way to run an economy do you? For many years I have believed it is a dangerous drug with disaster written into its genes. The financial madness we are currently living through is but the latest episode. People want to blame someone else, anyone else, the current targets are 'greedy bankers' and the financial markets, when they should really be looking themselves in the mirror - politicians are afraid to tell voters the truth and the voters are quite happy to go along with the lie, indeed the voters punish any politician sufficiently mad or courageous (take your pick) to puncture the myth. Watch this to see the whole scam laid bare, almost literally:

Me? I haven't believed in Keynesian scam economics for a long, long time - a much better, healthier system is available though, commonly known as Austrian Economics. You? You have to ask yourself a very simple question - do you want to waken up and face reality or do you want to continue to take the soma, which in this context is all that Keynesian economics represents?

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