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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Juggling act for Nairn chicken producer

I have often noticed the mobile chicken sheds in a farm field near the main road from Nairn to Inverness - my observations have been that the sheds remain in one position for a few months at a time before being moved to other parts of the farm, some visible from the road, some not. I've also noticed the lengthy mounds of chicken manure that seems to rotate in one part of a large field. It is very interesting to learn more of this agri-business in an article in Farmers Weekly (not of course a publication I read regularly, it must be said).

Farmer Willie Lean also owns one of the best and most popular restaurants in Nairn, The Classroom Bistro, and much of the produce used and served there is locally-sourced, including of course chickens from his own farm, but also pork and beef from other local farms. Prices in that restaurant are not cheap, of course, but then quality and named-sourcing from local producers costs money, specially when supermarkets tend to force down the gate-price for their large contract purchases.

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