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Wednesday 25 August 2010

If you believe in Liberty ...

... consider taking The John Galt Oath:

John Galt is the main and mysterious character in the novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, read more about it here or buy it here. Re-evaluate your life and what you want out of it; throw off the blinkered thinking that most of us have grown up with and consider what is really important in your life.

The music on the video-clip above is an excerpt from 'Liberatio' by the German group Krypteria (it is sung in Latin indicdentally); some of the proceeds from sales were dedicated to helping those who suffered following the Asian Tsunami in December 2004. Objectivism is not about ignoring the needs or interests of others, but it is about rethinking how one lives one's own life and how one interacts with others. You can listen to the whole track here, or buy it here - I purchased my copy from German seller SLC Music and found their service very rapid indeed and completely satisfactory.

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