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Saturday 29 May 2010

Eurovision 2010 - Oslo - The Final - Saturday 29 May 2010

OK - I do have internet connection here in Bilbao so shall be live-blogging (and 'Tweeting') the evening's events, which are about to kick-off in aboout 5 minutes, as I type - this blog entry will be updated in reverse chronological order just below this introduction, as the events happen. I didn't see either of the semi-finals and have heard only the UK and Spanish entries, so it will all be new and 'fresh' to me. So here goes!

00.12 CET+1 - The final result is announced

1st - Germany with 246 points!!
2nd - Turkey with 170 points
3rd - Romania with 162 points

Congratulations to Germany!!

23.25 CET+1 - Results of voting commences very soon
Armenia - gives 12 points to (the last country to vote)
Sweden - gives 12 points to Germany
Georgia - gives 12 points to Belarus (thanks for 3 points for UK!)
Moldova - gives 12 points to Romania
FYR Macedonia - gives 12 points to Albania
Israel - gives 12 points to Armenia
Netherlands - gives 12 points to Armenia
United Kingdom - gives 12 points to Greece (just about the worst song!)
Belgium - gives 12 points to Greece
Switzerland - gives 12 points to Germany
Belarus - gives 12 points to Russia (amazing, eh? - but it was a good song!)
Lithuania - gives 12 points to Georgia
Cyprus - gives 12 points to Greece (surprise, surprise!)
Norway (host nation) - gives 12 points to Germany (now leading on 182 points!)
Malta - gives 12 points to Azerbaijan
Latvia - gives 12 points to Germany
Ukraine - gives 12 points to Azerbaijan
Bulgaria - gives 12 points to Azerbaijan
Slovakia - gives 12 points to Germany
Spain - gives 12 points to Germany (now leading on 134 votes!)
France - gives 12 points to Turkey
Denmark - gives 12 points to Germany
Iceland - gives 12 points to Denmark (surprise, surprise!)
Greece - gives 12 points to Cyrpus (surprise, surprise!)
Azerbaijan - gives 12 points to Turkey
Portugal - gives 12 points to Spain (amazing, eh?!)
Russia - gives 12 points to Armenia
Estonia - gives 12 points to Germany
Slovenia - gives 12 points to Denmark
Finland - gives 12 points to Germany
Bosnia & Herzegovina - gives 12 points to Serbia
Poland - gives 12 points to Denmark
Croatia - gives 12 points to Turkey
Turkey - gives 12 points to Azerbaijan
Albania - gives 12 points to Greece
Serbia - gives 12 points to Bosnia & Herzegovina
Germany - gives 12 points to Belgium
Ireland - gives 12 points to Denmark
Romania - gives 12 points to Denmark

23.09 CET+1 - Bill's vote: I liked the UK and Iceland, but for me it boiled down to a choice between Romania and Russia. I really liked Romania, but in the end for me it was pipped by Russia, so I just voted for them. Deed done - now just wait for the real votes!

DENMARK (22.50 CET+1) I thought there were only 24 songs, but this is number 25 - must be new rules. Male-female singers singing in English. Quite a nice ballad, decently-performed. A simple song that might just appeal across different audiences.

ISRAEL (22.45 CET+1) A gorgeous-looking man, black suit, open-necked white shirt. Singing in Hebrew. It sounds as if it's a very nice song, a sort of ballad and he has a lovely, true voice. He's nice-looking, too. Did I mention he is gorgeous? Unlikely to win, though. Still, a very worthy entry. Oh God, his voice is going off-tune near the end - sad.

22.43 CET+1 - Bill's round-up with just one song to go. So far I like iceland, Russia and the United Kingdom. Not yet made up my mind whom to vote for. As I'm in Spain I could vote for the United Kingdom if I chose to.

PORTUGAL (22.41 CET+1) A very beautiful lady singing, praise-be, in something other than English. It's a good, but not a great song and her voice is sadly not entirely perfect.

GERMANY (22.37 CET+1) A very pretty dark-daired and black-clad lady singing in English. A very lively and quirky song with a good beat, she is singing it pretty well - I quite like this, but probably not a winner.

ARMENIA (22.33 CET+1) A very attractive female singing a lively song in English, with Caucasian-overtones. It's a good song, but a bit of a 'dirge' I'm afraid, not bad, but forgettable. I do wish that a few more countries sung in languages other than English - I know it is a reality that English dominates, and commercial success is predicated on that, but it is a great pity. Not a winner, I think.

RUSSIA (22.29 CET+1) A lovely song, sung in English, with what seem to be religious overtones. Nice-looking bearded lead singer with a very true tenor voice. If this won, it would be a worthy winner. There are a LOT of very good songs this year, more so than usual, I'd say.

ROMANIA (22.24 CET+1) Black-clad males and females singing in English. All quite nice-looking (the bearded singer is very nice-looking). It's a good song with a good beat and quite quirky and humourous. Could do well - I quite like this. I wouldn't mind hearing this again. The voices are all good - the tight-black rubber-clad(?) lady in particular has a great voice.

FRANCE (22.20 CET+1) A very lively song for summer. Even if it does not do well in Eurovision, I'm sure this will be quite popular in the discos of the Cote d'Azur this summer. Bum-wiggling male and female singers/dancers. Might be French, but it is definitely hardly in any language - has bits of Spanish. It's really just a disco song, with only very few words - fun, but unlikely to be the winner.

UKRAINE (22.17 CET+1) A very beautiful blond lady singing in English what is to me a slowish-ballad, but her voice is (in my opinion) awful, I just hate this!

ICELAND (22.13 CET+1) Plump red-dressed lady singing in English. She has an excellent voice and the song is good - a sort of jazzed-up ballad. If this won (and it could well do so on merit, in my view) could the country afford to host the show next year? Could anyone get there if this volcano continues?

ALBANIA (22.09 CET+1) A quite nice-looking female singer with a powerful voice singing a very lively 'beaty' song in English. This really is quite good - could easily do very well.

TURKEY (22.05 CET+1) A very lively song sung in English. Male leather (or silk?) clad lead singer, not particularly good-looking, but he can sure sing and it is a nice performance of a different song - not at all 'Turkish', if you know what I mean, seemingly designed to appeal to an international audience, which is a requirement for a ocntest like this. Altogehter quite an impressive performance! I like!

GEORGIA (22.01 CET+1) Pretty female red-dressed singer, singing a ballad in English. White-clad dancers. She just gave the camera a cheeky-wink. She is a good singer and this is really quite a nice tuneful ballad. I wonder what marks Russia will give this? I think this should in a fair world do well, but other 'more traditional' eastern-European nations may mark it down I think (e.g. Russia and Belarus?).

UNITED KINGDOM (21.54 CET+1) A nice-looking young man singing a rather catchy tune and singing it well. Definitely the UK's best effort for quite a few years, Nice female backing singers and male dancers. In a fair world this should do quite well, but not in my view 'the winner', even if he is a handsome young man. He can sing though.

GREECE (21.50 CET+1) A male singer and male backing singers/dancers. Singing a weird song mostly in Greek and a little English - has some Greek/Turkish elements that are not bad, but really it is too strange. Won't win. Will I have to eat those words? I hardly think so!

IRELAND (21.46 CET+1) Female singing a slow ballad, accompanied by a female playing a (?) penny-whistle, with a couple of other backing singers. A nice tune, but slightly 'dirgish' - quite 'formulaic', too, I'd say. Most unlikely to win, I think.

BELARUS (21.42 CET+1) Nice-looking male and female singers singing a slow ballad in English. They are performing what is a nice song pretty well - the second male singer is a 'bit of all right' in a Caucasian way. This is basically a very traditional kind of ballad and if a country like Belarus is coming up with this then maybe it could do well and western-Europeans like me wouldn't moan it was a 'fix'.

SERBIA (21.38 CET+1) An Asiatic-looking blong, trendily dressed and singing what could be a catchy tune, but in my view it is all off-key and it's not just the style of singing, some of it is genuinely off-key. Male dancers back-up are pleasing on the eye. A 'dog' of an effort, in my humble opinion - if this does well, then the world is a very strange place indeed!

BELGIUM (21.35 CET+1) A nice-looking fellow singing in English and playing a guitar. It's a nice 'self-referential' tune and he is singing very well. In a fair world this should walk it (of those I've heard so far - but there may be others that are better). I like this though - and he is very 'easy on the eye'!

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA (21.31 CET+1) Nice-looking young man dressed in red and black singing in English and playing an electric guitar with male/female backing singers. A 'beaty' tune, not bad, but a bit old-fashioned, but probably will be well thought of amongst his fellow Balkans. May do quite well, I suspect.

CYPRUS (21.26 CET+1) Male singer, playing a guitar and singing in English. The song is quite good. His fellow male guitarist is 'yummy'! Female pianist. and a couple of other back-up singers. A nice ballad and in a fairer world this should do well - but probably won't, because it may not appeal to the East Europeans amongst us.

MOLDOVA (21.23 CET+1) - Female singer, male singer, a hip-thrusting male instrumentalist and various other add-ons. Quite a catchy tune, sung (presumably) in whatever language they speak in Moldova, plus some English. Typical East-European 'europop' - could do quite well, I suspect.

NORWAY (21.20 CET+1) - Good-looking man singing in English. The song is quite nice, if a bit 'plodding', but his voice ain't great - he can sing well, but there are some off-notes, unfortunately. Not a winner. But what do I know? Norway won last year with a pretty mediocre effort (in my opinion).

SPAIN (21.16 CET+1) - Blong curly-haired youth in shiny pale grey suit, with cartoon characters miming, dancing, etc. Again, not a bad song (sung in Spanish), but once more Spain's effort (after two years ago) is decidedly quirky. Not a winner - perhaps that's why it was chosen.

AZERBAIJAN (21.12 CET+1) - Pretty female singing in English, with female backing and a black-clad man prancing about doing whatever he is doing. Not the worst 'ballad' I've ever heard and she's performing OK, but I can hardly believe this will win.

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