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Tuesday 16 March 2010

"The Tories open fire on Unite"

Excellent article in today's Coffee House from The Spectator, exposing the malign influence of Charlie Whelan's (*) Unite union on Labour and on national politics, indeed on the government of this country - hell-bent on wrecking havoc on BA - although it's just possible that 'ditherer Brown' has been panicked into begging his Unite-paymasters into some kind of climb-down, or at least a slightly more reasonable posture.

(*) As an aside for any Nairn readers, the editor of the Spectator, Fraser Nelson, is a worthy product of Nairn; Charlie Whelan apparently lives in the area, and was trumpeted recently by Nairn's bottom-feeding 'blogger-in-chief' for having walked on Nairn beach with his dog - big deal! Charlie Whelan walking on anyone's beach is not, in my humble opinion, anything to be proud of or to trumpet loudly. It's all a question of priorities and, dare I say it, judgement in what what one chooses to blog about; I've been discreet about my views on this matter (the lack of judgement of Nairn's 'blogger-in-chief') until now, and there are a number of documented examples that spring to mind, but I have grown tired of my reticence - that is now over!

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