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Tuesday 23 February 2010

What will not be Spain's Eurovision entry this year, I think

Rap-singer John Cobra's crotch-grabbing escapades didn't sit well with much of the audience or with the studio jury in this TVE selection contest to choose Spain's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. I cannot say I am in any way surprised, even if the man does have a certain 'animal charm' (ahem - Ed):

(thru Graeme at South of Watford - the direct link to the relevant post is here.)

PS/ How long the embedded video (at DailyMotion) will stay online is anyone's guess; TVE have already had much of the coverage removed from YouTube for copyright violation (and/or on grounds of 'good taste').
PPS/ More from 'bad boy' John Cobra here - 'John Cobra vs Chuck Norris'; one of the captions in the linked video made me laugh out loud - 'indispensable el ketchupt en la cobradieta' - watch from about 4'08" onwards for this somewhat surreal section.


  1. I speak from the perspective of a gay man, a specialised concept I readily accept ;)


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