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Tuesday 12 January 2010

Lots of holes in the internet today - or is it just me?

(Please see UPDATE at end)

I've been noticing lots of gaps in the internet today, some involving sites I operate, others involving sites I visit regularly. There was no problem last evening, but since this morning and until now the whole system seems to be decidedly patchy. The only recent news story I can find about this is here. If even major users like have their domain registration in the US and have been cyber-attacked, then people like me who host in Canada with domain registrations in the US may also be affected indirectly - or at least this is what I surmise.

Does anyone have more definite information to offer about what is going on?

UPDATE: (Wednesday 13JAN10 23.55 GMT) Pleasingly I resolved this problem earlier today with the useful suggestion of the hosting company of one of the websites I operate - that I power down my broadband router then power it back up. I have got into the habit of leaving my router switched on 24/7 and this has apparently caused its internal cache memory to become clogged; although there was briefly a more general internet problem yesterday it seems that my problem was unrelated to this. A lesson well-learned for the future - not to leave my router switched on for lengthy periods when I have no immediate need for a broadband link.

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