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Thursday, 17 December 2009

The lovely and elegant new 787 jetliner from Boeing takes to the air

I saw the report of the new Boeing 787 'Dreamliner' taking its maiden-flight a few days ago, but thanks to a typically-brief mention in InstaPundit I came across this video-clip of the event:

through the NYCAviation and PopularMechanics blogs. You can see some of the interior layouts and enhancements that Boeing offers clients here.

As with the recently-launched and much larger Airbus A380, the 'Dreamliner' made its maiden-flight considerably later than its original target-date, but its revolutionary composite material composition and light-weight promises fuel savings of roughly 20 per cent over comparable existing aircraft apparently. It'll no doubt be a few years before significant numbers of this aircraft start rolling off the production line, but with a record 600 pre-launch orders this is likely to be a commercially-successful venture for Boeing, provided there are no further 'glitches' in its -roll-out schedule.

I for one look forward one day to flying in this elegant new aircraft!

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