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Saturday 5 September 2009

Labour, Libya and Oil - 'for the greater good'

The sordid truth about Gordon Brown and Labour's role in promoting trade with 'former' terrorist-state Libya at the expense of victims of IRA bomb outrages; the Semtex used by the bombers was, naturally enough, funded by Libya.

Maybe later stories will provide further clarification about what has been going on with our illustrious 'Great Leader'. Maybe. For the moment my reaction is one of simple disgust. But not surprise.

Remind me - why is this awful man still our Prime Minister? A Labour-putsch is urgently required! And a General Election.


  1. It's appalling, Bill, how it can keep going on and on like this. In Russia and America, in some states, there is at least the power of recall.

  2. Aye, the Tories would never be involved in such backhand and unprincipled dealing with rogue nations.......

  3. Hi Wardog

    Lovely to see you here again :)

    Let's stick with the present issue shall we? The present government is a Labour one and that's what I'm talking about and critiquing. As for the Concervatives, or even the LibDems (or even indeed the SNP), they all have their faults, of course they do. Am I not allowed to criticise our present sad excuse for a government without someone coming along and making a pretty meaningless and speculative comment about some other political party?

    Incidentally, as my 'Who is Bill?' page explains, I am no longer a member of the Conservative Party and the rough reasons why that is so are explained there, but may be summarised by recalling that I am gay and my resignation was a direct ocnsequence of the election to Leadership of Iain Duncan Smith, which appalled me - and still amazes me to this day. I may be 'right-of-centre' in my politics, and happy to be so, but I am not an apologist for a Party of which I am no longer a member. I am a member of no political party annd the last I'd ever consider joining include Labour and of course the SNP.

    Worthwhile and relevant comments are always welcome.

    Go in Peace :)


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