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Wednesday 29 July 2009

Good riddance, Councillor John Hogg!

Another 'Good Riddance!' post so soon (see here). The idiot this time is Councillor John Hogg, an Independent member of Moray Council, representing Heldon and Laich Ward. Mr Hogg has announced he is resigning his membership of the Church of Scotland because of the recent [confirmation of the] appointment of an 'openly' gay minister to a church in Aberdeen; it's the same case as before, involving the Rev. Scott Rennie. Mr Hogg explains himself thus:

"I find that I can no longer reconcile my communicant membership of the Church of Scotland with either the General Assembly’s support for Aberdeen Presbytery’s decision to sustain the call from Queen’s Cross church to the Rev Scott Rennie, or their fudging of the issue of ordaining openly practising homosexuals.

"I cannot be a part of a church which places secular liberalism above the authority of the Bible."

Actually, Mr Hogg is not in reality doing much more than make a 'gesture', for 'he would continue to attend and support the church at Alves (*). He will not take communion, however, and said that will mean he is not technically a member. He said it would not in any way affect his relationship with his local minister, the Rev Duncan Shaw, whom he informed by letter. Mr Hogg said his decision was not about condemnation nor simply about making a point.'
- but that's of course exactly what he is doing - simply making a bigoted point. He adds:

"It’s about no longer being part of an organisation whose decision-making I currently disagree with. When that changes, which it will do, I’m sure, I may well ask to be reinstated as a member."

Who knows, maybe he's right for all I care! Maybe the 'Kirk' will take itself even further away from the modern world than it is already, and see its support amongst the wider public drop away even more than it has in recent decades, with the consequent further drop in its income, which has already led to many parishes having to double-up with one or more negubouring parishes in provision of ministers and services. Tough. Good riddance to Mr Hogg and other folks in the Church of Scotland who think like him! If a schism in the church occurs because of this bigotry maybe it will be time to start campaigning to have the charitable status of this so-called 'Christian' cult revoked and deprive it of the tax-breaks it currently benefits from and which I, as a taxpayer, contribute to funding.

(*) Alves is a village about half-way between Forres and Elgin, about 17 miles from Nairn, where I live.

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