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Friday, 26 June 2009

Singer dead. Sad, but who cares?

Not me, that's for sure. I've only once before written obiquely about Michael Jackson in this blog, on the occasion of the outcome in June 2005 of a court case in which he was involved - my comment then and now is that I think the BBC (and no doubt other media) have gone stark staring bonkers devoting so much time to this issue of little real importance to anyone other than his family, to whom I extend condolences.

And that's me done on this non-issue.


  1. After the abuse MJ suffered as a child--which, I have no doubt, contributed to him becoming a (putative) abuser, I really wonder what klind of condolences are in order.

  2. Possibly you are correct - although if we're going down that route it's not just his family who may be responsible, but the whole of our culture which elevates some people to quasi-Godlike status for unfathomable reasons.

    In any case he is now dead. I'll leave it at that.


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