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Thursday 7 May 2009

"Father Oprah" disgraced in more nonsense from the Catholic Church

It's a while since I've written about the bizarre rituals of the believers in religious faiths of various kinds; the doings of those who profess to believe in 'sky fairies' has really begun to bore me rigid. The fact that some adherents of an Aberdeen church want to reject a minister because he happens to be gay is of concern to me, but I have other things to worry about right now (whether it's the mess our economy is in or some potentially serious personal health issues I won't discuss here now, or perhaps ever depending on how I feel); religious bodies managed to get Parliament to legislate a while back certain exemptions for themselves in their employment practices to permit them to decline employment to gays on the grounds of their sexuality. I don't like it (some people such as J Arthur McNumpty still find the energy to write about it though), it is odious, but it's the way thinngs currently are and as I am never likely to be affected personally - well, as I say, I have other things on my mind.

So, after that admittedly rather sour introduction, what has provoked me into writing now about yet another piece of nonsense from, you guessed it, the Roman Catholic Church? Well, first of all it involves a 'media star' who happens also to be a priest, it's titillating, he's young and good-looking and it involves sex, but it has the novelty for once that it does not [seem to] involve hoomosexuality in any shape or form. A Mexican tabloid magazine has published photographs of Father Alberto Cutié, a popular Miami Beach priest famous for his Spanish-language television and radio talk shows kissing and embracing, shock horror(!), a WOMAN on a beach (thought to be Fort Lauderdale). Of course there is no actual proof [so far] that he has broken his vow of celibacy unless we can see (yes, please!) pictures of him actually MOUNTING the woman. Sorry to be vulgar, but it's only by stating things clearly and simply that the whole absurdity of the Catholic Church's rules on celibacy can have a very necessary spotlight shone upon them. What's even more bizarre is that the Catholic Church does permit married clergymen from other faiths who convert to Catholicism to become priests and remain married - I suppose the 'logic' there is that divorce is an even worse sin than getting married in the first place?! Watch this surreal discussion about the knots the Catholic Church ties itself in:

- here's another briefer Miami television report, which shows more pictures of the very handsome Father Cutié (OK, call me shallow, but I probably wouldn't bother if he was 'ugly as sin'), who has now been relieved of his priestly charge, even though he remains a priest:

- there's another report here, with yet another embedded television report, this time from CNN.

My one word summary: BIZARRE!

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