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Saturday 16 May 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Bill's favourites for tonight

There are a number of good songs this evening and I have selected four of those I think are amongst the best:

Iceland - "Is it true?"

- a great song from a lady with a lovely voice (8 points in my own personal poll).

Estonia - "Rändajad [Travellers]"

- a very catchy song from another lady with a good voice - the fact that it is not sung in English (so I don't understand the words) seems irrelevant as it is such a nice song (8 points in my own personal poll).

Greece - "This is our night"

- a lively and catchy clubbing/disco song from with a sexy bit of male 'totty' as the singer with an equally sexy female dancing group. Very camp - exactly what Eurovision is all about (7 3/4 points in my own personal poll).

Sweden - "La Voix [The Voice]"

- a Scandinavian beauty with a lovely ethereal voice singing a pretty nice song, mainly in English, however the song itself isn't the best I heard - her voice could do so much more, given the right material (hence my vote of 7 1/2 points in my own personal poll).

Other strong contenders for tonight (links are to YouTube videos):

Coming through from the semi-finals:
Azerbaijan - male/female duo singiing a lively song in English; if the singers can keep their voices in tune they could do well (7 3/4 points in my own personal poll);
Romania - dramatic girl group singing well in English a catchy tune (7 3/4 points in my own personal poll);
Finland - a sort of catchy rock ballad with a trendy male singer and three female singers (7 3/4 points in my own personal poll).

Exempt from semi-finals:
Germany - a stylish swing number sung in English by a very sexy man with an excellent, confident voice;
Spain - a lively song largely in English, with Spanish and Moorish overtones, sung by a beautiful sexy woman withh sexy male dancers backing her up.

I haven't yet made up my mind where my vote will go; obviously I cannot vote for Spain, because one can't vote for the country one is in on the night, but I probably wouldn't anyway because although it is a good song, I think there are better. As for the British entry, well it is good this year, no doubt about that, and if Jade performs it well tonight I might just vote for her, but failing this it will be a choice for me, on my present reckoning, between Iceland and Estonia (see embedded video-clips above) - my only worry with Iceland is if they can afford to win the competition under present economic conditions.

So, until this evening folks ...

(PS/ Bearing in mind this article I wrote this morning about the arrests made at a PRIDE demonstration in Moscow today, I hope the event tonight will go ahead smoothly, of course I do. On the other hand, I don't think the atrocious and homophobic behaviour of the Russian authorities shoud go entirely unmentioned either, so I hope at least some of the contestants will have the courage and 'backbone' to make at the very least a discrete signal of some kind that they disapprove of what went on this morning, for example by sporting small 'rainbow' badges somewhere on their costumes. See Associated Press news report here.)

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  1. All yours choices are good, but the only one I'd vote for is Greece. The others just aren't "my thing".

    Also second the desire for some sort of acknowledgment of todays work.


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