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Sunday 1 March 2009


I heard this mentioned in a BBC news broadcast earlier today, but I refrained from writing about it then because I thought I must have misheard - surely it couldn't be THE FIRST TIME HE HAS ACTUALLY VISITED GAZA IN THE TWO YEARS SINCE HE BECAME THE SO-CALLED 'Middle East Envoi'? But no, it seems I heard correctly earlier today after all (a fuller BBC report is here). How come this aspect of his visit (i.e. that it is FIRST) isn't queried by the Beeb? I know Gaza is a dangerous place, but it hasn't been uniformly dangerous throughout all of those two years and is undoubtedly still dangerous now.

Just what has he been doing these past two years?

Call me an old cynic, but is it entirely coincidence that this piece of non-news happens to be covered the very day that Blair's wife, Cherie Booth/Blair QC is fronting a programme on Channel4 about Christianity [aka a programme about God bothering by a 'God Botherer']? For Gawd sakes, who cares what this woman thinks about religion, just because she happens to be the wife of a former Prime Minister? Did they ask her about His Holiness the Pope having foolishly reversed the excommunication of a holocaust-denier and renegade priest (and self-styled 'Bishop') without having done due diligence about this individual's odious beliefs with the Church now belatedly calling for Williamson to recant his views? Is it any wonder why the State of Israel, no paragon of virtue in my opinion in the coincidental matter of Gaza of course, is somewhat equivocal in its views about Roman Catholicism? Does anyone think this programme would ever have included Cherie Booth/Blair had she not shared a bed with Tony Blair for many years, however brilliant an employment lawyer she is said to be? Sorry for my slight crudeness of expression, but it really infuriates me how television channels dependent on our current sad excuse for a Government (i.e. both the BBC and Channel4) seem to seize every opportunity to give these horrid people publicity - and work - and our money.

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