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Monday 9 February 2009

First Minister's cringe-making performance

I am indebted to a link in Mr Eugenides' blog to this amazing video-clip of First Minister 'Sir' Alex Salmond singing a duet at the Fife Lodge Hotel (Banff) with singer Sandi Thom (never heard of her, any more than I've heard of 'Sir' Alex Salmond) of an equally cringe-making maudlin' song Caledonia:

Fair play to him is due, I suppose, for being willing to make himself look foolish in what he would regard as a 'good cause'.

Incidentally 'Sir' Alex has form with his infatuation for the singing of Sandi Thom, having sent the advance copy he received of her CD last month onto that other redoubtable Scottish patriot, the (real this time...) Sir Sean Connery, according to Scotland's 'journal of record'.

One comment on the YouTube website page for this video-clip gives a salutary jolt to the mawkishness of this whole occasion:

"biggest load o rubbish ive ever seen she should have gave everyone there money beck after letting him on stage spoilt a good concert and yes i was there and i dont hate mr salmond a special quest should be someone that can sing never again will i go and see her"

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