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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Wicked, but oh so true, thoughts on spending our way out of debt

Former Presidential-hopeful Fred Thompson tries to rationalise and explain for thickos like me (and indeed himself) why continuing and accelerating past borrowing into the future, at public and private levels, is the only way to get out of the recession and to return to the sunny uplands of economic prosperity:

Still not convinced? Nor me. I didn't like some of his antedeluvian views on social matters (OK, I'll come clean, on 'gay issues'), but he sure does talk sense on economics.

(Posted here for the benefit of those, probably few, people who don't read the writings of Guido on a regualr basis. I do, and so should you. That includes most of the Cabinet who, if what he writes irritates them almost beyond endurance, need to get a life and remember this is still, marginally, a democracy.)

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