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Monday 17 November 2008

"Seek immediate medical assistance for erections lasting more than four hours ... "

No I haven't finally gone totally 'ga-ga', or at least I don't think I have! This is an extract from an advertisement for Viagra which punctuated all three of the commercial breaks during a 45 minute interview on CBS with US President-elect Barack Obama; I've not been to the US for quite a few years (and not at all during the Presidency of the 43rd President - a deliberate choice on my part) so had not seen this particular very 'cheery' advertisement for the ubiquitous sex-enhancement drug before which ends with the phrase 'Viva Viagra!' (to the tune of 'Viva Las Vegas!'). See the full interview embedded here (scroll down the page a little), although I have now discovered how to embed it here myself, too:

Watch CBS Videos Online

It is refreshing to see a future US President who seems so normal and can respond spontaneously to diverse questions in complete sentences with humour. We haven't seen one of those for, oh I would say for roughly eight years! Mind you, and to be scrupulously impartial, I'd have to say that Mrs Laura Bush, just like Mrs Michelle Obama, seems an articulate and charming individual, too, so one must assume that her husband does have some redeeming features not immediately obvious to outsiders.

Whether Obama will prove to be a successful President is yet to be seen, but I think the omens look hopeful, at the very least.

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