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Sunday 2 November 2008

Sarah Palin speaks with Nicolas Sarkozy impersonator

This is a telephone conversation between Republican Vice-presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin and Canadian (Quebecois) comedian Marc-Antoine Audette, alias French President Nicolas Sarkozy - Audette and his partner are well-known for their spoof calls to celebrities and politicians. Frankly after listening to this it's impossible not to like the woman, even though it's rather sad just how ignorant she shows herself to be - there were quite a few obvious clues dropped into the conversation pretty early on that this wasn't quite what it was pretending to be, after all (*). See what you think:

(thru Alaskan blog Mudflats)

(*) - OK, so she might not have twigged when the guy who spoke initially, before passing the call over to 'Nicolas Sarkozy' announced his name as Franck Ouvrier ('Frank the Labourer'), in the style of 'Joe the Plumber', but when 'Sarkozy' said an adviser was Johnny Hallyday (famous French pop singer) one began to believe he could say anything he liked and she would fall for it.

Having had my little fun, however, I think this election could easily turn out much closer (and perhaps differently) than many seem to be expecting. In any case I know only too well that I know nothing about US politics and really very little about Obama or McCain either - I thought, along with many others in 2000, that Bush could be a 'consensus' President and that Gore would have been hopeless and look how differently that (the first part at least) turned out!

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