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Wednesday 26 November 2008

All my blogrolls temporarily disabled

I have taken the reluctant decision to disable temporarily all my regular blogrolls and various other information which I source from what are effectively blogrolls, too. For between the last two and three weeks, my blogroll hosting provider ( has been partially inoperative because I understand that the firm is currently in the process of a major re-write of the code which runs the site. Although my blogrolls have continued to be provided during this partial down-time (although editing the lists by users has been impossible), it has become abundantly clear during the past week in particular that a major side-effect of this has been a very slow-to-load blog page, so much so that most potential visitors here will probably have grown bored/frustrated with the long page-load time and navigated away elesewhere, as evidenced by the very sharp decline in the numbers of visitors here in the past week.

My blog page should I hope be loading much more quickly now that all the the blogrolls have been disabled, but I must apologise to all those whose blogs normally appear in my blogrolls for this 'force majeure' temporary disablement of my link to them; rest assured that I shall be restoring my blogrolls as soon as it is prudent to do so. If the delay in restoring full service at continues for very much longer I will have to consider carrying out a full re-build of my blogrolls and hosting the data elsewhere, but this would be a very considerable task which I am reluctant to undertake unnecessarily; all I can say is that I continue to monitor the situation closely.

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