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Sunday 31 August 2008

SNP suspends a Glasgow councillor

Jahangir Hanif has been suspended by the SNP; his 'crime' (indeed he has in fact committed no crime of any kind, as is admitted and accepted by the SNP and presumably, more importantly, by the security services) is to have been filmed firing a kalashnikov rifle whilst on a family holiday in Pakistan. There appears to be no suggestion that he was in any way involved in any kind of terrorist 'training' activity, but the SNP doesn't like firearms, so it opines.

Mr Hanif has apologised for his 'gaffe'; really this kind of incident illustrates to me just what an authoritarian crowd the SNP might turn out to be if they ever got a hold of sovereign power in Scotland. Presumably there are some Scots currently serving in the military, or to be strictly accurate residents of Scotland, who happen to support the political ideas of the SNP and who from time to time are called upon to wield a loaded firearm and to fire it, possibly in the presence of children - Iraq and Afghanistan spring to mind. Now, whatever view one may take of the involvement of our military in these conflicts, is the SNP seriously suggesting that any soldier who is also a member of the SNP risks being suspended from his party membership? Complete madness, in my opinion. I think Mr Hanif and the SNP deserve each other!

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