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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The truth about 'waterboarding' - it is torture

The grotesque pretence that the US has not been practising torture for several years now, despite the baleful misprepresentations and plain lying of the US President, the Vice President and many other present and former members of the current US administration, is startlingly laid bare by Peter Hitchens, not my favourite person on the planet by a very long way, who has bravely subjected himself to a session of 'waterboarding', one of the techniques used during aggressive interrogation by both the current US administration, the Khmer Rouge and many other tyrannical regimes before them, notably Nazi Germany.

This is torture, plain and simple. No amount of jargon and self-serving legal opinions spewed out by the current US admiistration can disguise this fact.

One day, perhaps many years from now, those responsible for these practises in the current US administration, from the President on down, will be held to account for their crimes, if not in their lifetimes then by the judgement of history, which will certainly class this period of US history as a grotesque aberration from what the US has always prided itself on representing - freedom and above all justice and no longer does, at least for the present.

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