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Friday 4 July 2008

It took me many years, but ...

- it's only in recent years that I have come to the conclusion that as I have only one life to live, I may as well get on with it and enjoy it. In earlier years I never made a particular effort to 'hide' anything, I simply didn't talk about it or acknowledge it, except to a few very close friends (rather in the manner of, for example, Peter Mandelson, Matthew Parris, or Michael Brown - all of whom were 'outed' involuntarily, but have probably enjoyed their lives since a lot better). For the last twenty or so years, though, I have basically ceased to care what others may think - if anyone is unhappy with what I am, it is their problem, not mine. A few friendships have come to an end as a result, but more friendships, and better ones, have come along to replace them. I still don't shout it from the rooftops of course, but one very positive result is that the last time anyone, family or friend, has assured me I'll one day find 'a nice girl' to marry is many years ago.

Whoever and whatever you are, the only advice I can come up with is to, above all,
Be. Honest. With. Yourself.

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