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Saturday 19 July 2008



- I have read an article in today's Daily Telegraph magazine about 'Facebook' and about its founder;

- as a result I have now deactivated(*) my 'Facebook' account;

- earlier this year I considered deactivating(*) my account after reading about a second firm the founder had set up to exploit members' contacts and personal details listed in their 'Facebook' profiles for advertising purposes, without the consent of 'Facebook' members, but when that enterprise failed as a result of protests from members and the founder apologised, I decided not to;

- I cannot imagine any circumstance that I shall participate knowingly as a member or customer of any enterprise with which the founder of 'Facebook' has any managerial input in the future.

(*) There does not seem to be an option to 'delete' member accounts on 'Facebook'; I do recall reading about this a year or so back and thought it was somewhat unusual at the time; in retrospect it no longer surprises, after having read the Daily Telegraph magazine article.

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