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Sunday 20 April 2008

I like Boris Johnson, but ...

... his contradictory views on homosexuaity are so off-the-wall that it makes me question his suitability to be London mayor. On balance I probably still think he is the best of a poor choice of candidates, but his temporising and double-speak on homosexual law reform are troubling, to say the least:

I ceased being a subscriber to the Spectator magazine in 1999 or 2000, when Boris was still its Editor, because of the strident anti-homosexual tone it adopted under his editorship, 'going with the flow' of the right-wing agenda then sweeping the Conservative Party (which I resigned from in 2001 - scroll down the page) in its effort to stop Clause 28 being repealed. One must continue to ask searching questions of Conservatives on this issue as it could appear, to a cynical observer, that the views of most have not changed one iota, except they see the need to use different language in order to get enough votes to win elections. One does wonder how long it would take them to change their tune (again) if they thought it would not damage their electoral prospects. The reason I would be prepared to gloss over this 'defect' so far as Boris's mayoral ambition is concerned is because I think he is the one most likely, on balance, to govern London well, coupled with the fact that his ability to influence national policy on issues such as homosexuality will be limited. Nevertheless I would love to know what David Cameron's reaction would be if he read the article linked to above, including the video.

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