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Friday 7 December 2007

'Walter Mitty' speaks (through a spokesman, naturally)

I heard the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, David Rowan, speaking with John Humphrys on the 'Today' programme this morning defending the article they published about a telephone interview he says they had with Mr Abrahams; at one point he said words to the effect that if Mr Abrahams still continued to deny the interview had taken place he could sue and they (the paper) would see him in court. Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

Labour sure do have some interesting 'supporters'. Of course, so do the other Parties, except I think the supporters of other Parties, however dishonest and/or eccentric they are occasionally proved to be, do at least seem to live on planet Earth (not, I hasten to add, that I am suggesting the protagonist in this case is some kind of space cadet, no, not at all). He sounds like an entirely suitable supporter for a Party of incompetents such as Labour.

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