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Saturday, 1 September 2007

New link added - John Redwood's Diary

I've been reading John Redwood's Diary for almost two months now and I have to say it is one of the better, calmer and most rational blogs written by someone who is a politician; obviously he writes from a particular political perspective (a couple of biographies are here and here). Some aspects of John Redwood's views irk me a lot, for example his Euroscepticism, but as he is clearly someone who bases his views on most things on rational analyses he is well worth reading to gain another perspective. His views on economic matters seem to me to be entirely reasonable - indeed I agree with almost everything he writes in this area. One of the things I like aobut him is that he has a life beyond politics and is clearly someone who could easily do something else much more highly-remunerative if he chose - unlike both many in the current Labour government and some even in his own Conservative party; some, particularly 'socialists' and their apologists, think this is a negative factor - my view is diametrically opposed to this. His blog-posts are prolific, although as I have been reading him only since the parliamentary recess began I shall be interested to see if he is able to keep up the pace when Parliament is sitting again.

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