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Saturday, 8 September 2007

The chimera of religion exposed ...

... by, of all people, Christian lawyers and the Church of England. The truth is that when the myths and make-believe spouted by organised religious organisations are subjected to close scrutiny by those with no vested interest in continuing the whole charade, then those who do 'believe' what the church preaches find it difficult to argue the case convincingly even to themselves.

Personally I have no desire to prohibit anyone believing whatever they like, however crazy I might find it, just so long as these loons confine their fantasising to the private realm and are no longer able to inflict it on all of us through the legal system, the recent exemptions granted to religious bodies in their employment practices being a case in point. That's the kind of thing that really cries out for someone to sue the church!

PS/ My tax filing for this year was completed and sent off a couple of days ago, but I decided that Thursday evening and yesterday should be 'me' time. Some 'retail therapy' on Thursday and a glorious walk along the beach and river in Nairn yesterday afternoon (a bright, sunny day here in Nairn with a strong and surprisingly mild wind blowing in off the sea), followed by the first half of a bottle of a bottle of a very good Australian Shiraz which has been sitting in my cellar maturing for some years (I have only four bottles of that dozen left to sample, but I think they still have a few more years left when they will make good drinking). This evening, however, marks the real end of summer for me; the Last Night of the Proms this evening will see me sipping from a bottle of champagne and consuming a few of my favourite Belgian chocolates, whilst awaiting the final few rousing moments of joyful patriotism (I'll try and keep the volume control within reasonable limits). Whatever flag you want to see being waved around in the Royal Albert Hall I expect you'll not be disappointed - even those of my fellow Scots who prefer to see the Saltire alone flying on Scottish public buildings! I'll resist the temptation to make further snide comment, though with some difficulty. Enjoy the evening!

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