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Saturday 11 August 2007

US church cancels memorial service for gay navy veteran

How a supposedly Christian organisation in Houston (Taxas) deals with people whose lifestyle it does not approve of. I'm afraid I find it very difficult to contain my rage when I read this kind of pseudo-sympathetic claptrap from the church's pastor, the Rev. Gary Simons:

"We did decline to host the service - not based on hatred, not based on discrimination, but based on principle. Had we known it on the day they first spoke about it - yes, we would have declined then. It's not that we didn't love the family.

"Even though we could not condone that lifestyle, we went above and beyond for the family through many acts of love and kindness."

The deceased is Cecil Howard Sinclair and his sister described the church's actions thus: "It's a slap in the face. It's like, 'Oh, we're sorry he died, but he's gay so we can't help you.'" - she described some of the church's comments about the alleged content of some pictures [when staff members putting together his video tribute allegedly saw pictures of men "engaging in clear affection, kissing and embracing."] as "a bold-faced lie".

There's so much more I could write here, but I think it is simpler for people to read the linked article for themselves; it's clear enough to me just how much of a charlatan this so-called Christian pastor is.

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