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Sunday 5 August 2007

Sunday YouTube - North Korea: Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

This hotel in the 'capital of willows' rises to 105 floors and a height of 330 metres (1,083 feet). It has roughly 360,000 square metres of floor space. Construction began in 1987 and ceased in 1992 in it present state. In 2006 it remained unfinished and unoccupied; if ever completed it would be the tallest hotel in the world and the seventh tallest building. Undoubtedly a proud symbol of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea:

- read more about the country in its Official Webpage; a window into a very different kind of mindset than most of us are familiar with. Interestingly the registrant and administrative contact for this website are in Tarragona, Spain.

PS/ Curiously, but entirely coincidentally (*), there is a very interesting article in today's Sunday Telegraph about the difficult living conditions in North Korea which make some escapees prefer a life of prostitution across the border in China.

* - In fact I have a reserve of suitable YouTube clips for both my Sunday and Midweek YouTubes sufficient for the next several months - the one about North Korea above simply happened to be the next in line for a Sunday outing.

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