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Friday 24 August 2007

Nairn Community Centre - photographs of the frontage and car-parking area

Some more photographs of the the new Nairn Community Centre, taken yesterday - this is the first time I have been along Viewfield since the building site barriers have been removed and I could get in to the car-parking area to take a look. The whole area looks neatly finished and no doubt when we've had our next bout of heavy rain the new surfaces will be flushed clean of the little remaining building residue and dust. A few of the access features at the front of the building are not clear in the first photograph, because of the remaining building barriers on the main road, but it won't be too long, I suspect, before those are removed too, to reveal what I think is a reasonably-attractive new feature for Nairn. No doubt there wil be considerable disruption when it comes to redeveloping the existing community centre and the supermarket, but the overall result will undoubtedly be a huge improvement in the town's appearance - I can't wait to see it happening.

The new 'Nairn Community Centre'
- frontage and car-parking areas (23 August 2007)

Click here to see larger images.

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