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Thursday 9 August 2007

Crazy justice - Inverness style!

Frankly I have rarely read something more shameful than this.

Some idiot drives at 115mph on the A9 just south of Inverness; the maximum speed limit on public highways anywhere in the UK is 70mph. The judge accepts some sob story that the accused requires his licence so he can take his baby to hospital on the two or three occasions a month when emergency admission to hospital is required as the child 'does not keep in good health'. What kind of idiot is Sheriff Phillip Mann? James Macgee, the person who committed the offence, should have been thinking about the potential risks to his regular hospital-runs when he chose to drive at a speed 64 per cent in excess of the maximum permitted anywhere in this country, even on motorways and the A9 is certainly not a motorway!! The only possible justification for driving at this speed might have been if he had actually been rushing the ill child to a hosptial, but that does not appear to have been the case. According to his defence solicitor:

"He was in a queue of traffic on the single carriageway then came to the dual carriageway and accelerated.

"The car was more powerful than the one he had prior to this and had just bought it one month beforehand. This was the first opportunity he had to drive the car on the open road."

In other words an immature driver has wantonly broken the law and a clever lawyer has had the chutzpah to peddle an argument involving a poorly child to get his client off. Pathetic! This brings the whole notion of speed limits into disrepute.

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