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Monday 23 July 2007

Subsidy-junkies on the march again in Western Isles transport plea

The Scottish government (aka 'The Scottish Executive') is to examine bringing in a new tariff regime to cut ferry fares to the Western Isles. Translated into plain English what this 'study' amounts to is a renewed attempt to try and justify a way of providing greater subsidies for sea transport to this part of Scotland, as pledged by the SNP in its election manifesto. I have no doubt this will be an issue in local politics there in the run-up to the next Westminster elections where, surprise suprise, the local MP just happens to be a member of the SNP; for Orkney and Shetland the MP represents the LibDems.

I last wrote about efforts to foist this additional expense on the public purse in the run-up to the recent Scottish Parliament elections. The constituency MSPs in both the relevant areas (.PDF file) (Western Isles and Argyll & Bute) are both members of the SNP; for both Orkney and Shetland the consituency MSPs are members of the LibDems.

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