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Tuesday 12 June 2007

US military in Baghdad patrols with insurgents ...

... whom it has now comveniently re-designated as 'freedom fighters' and is re-arming these group of Sunnis in an effort to put more pressure on al-qa'ida. It is accepted some may "have the blood of US soldiers on their hands".

It is too soon to know whether this is the purest madness (in the words of one senior military commander they "have made a deal with the devil") or whether it is a belated recognition of the folly of having completely disbanded the former Iraqi army (largely dominated by Sunnis as a reflection of the Ba'ath policies of the Saddam Hussein regime aimed at controlling Shiite radicals). Alternatively it may be just one more signal that the US Administration has no clear strategy and is simply trying something it has not tried before. The 'surge' obviously is accepted now not to have been effective.

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