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Wednesday 20 June 2007

Bill's infequent blog updates lately

I very rarely write here about truly personal matters (reasoning that who could possibly be interested), but a few words of clarification are perhaps necessary to explain the extreme paucity of my more than usually sporadic posts here of late.

The two principal reasons have been:
- the necessity of dealing with some pressing matters involving a member of my close family; whilst the way ahead is becoming somewhat clearer, I'm afraid this will in all probability require my continuing close attention for some time to come and will at the very least certainly place emotional demands upon me which are likely to affect the time I have available for blogging;
- my close involvement in the resident's committee of the apartment block in which I reside has over the past few weeks been a major pre-occupation in the run-up to our AGM; this took place earlier tonight and whilst there will be continuing close involement for me, unfortunately, this is likely to be less intense after the initial 'fall-out' is dealt with in the next few weeks.

Whilst I have gone through periods of low enthusiasm for blogging over the 5+ years I have been doing it (as have most longer-term bloggers) this has not really been one of those times - it is simply that I have had too many important matters to deal with lately. I hope to do a little better over coming weeks, bearing in mind the first point above, in particular.

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