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Thursday 24 May 2007

Where's Bill?

Well, Bill's here. But he's not been posting much here of late. I've got a lot I want to write about and indeed I have number of draft posts at various stages of preparation on a variety of topics:
- the usual anti-'gay' outrages and my frustrations with these;
- the 'war on terror' and how our very souls are being compromised by some of the things our government, and others (notably the US), is doing in relation to this;
- part of the previous point, but deserving of its own comment, so-called 'coercive interrogation techniques', more usually and simply and accurately called 'torture';
- the internal politics of the UK and its constituent parts, obviously in my case with particular reference to the machinations of Scottish politics and the imminent (unfortunately not immediate) change of Prime Minister;
- a few other sundry matters.

In fact there is so much I want to write about that I think I have gone into some kind of information overload and I find it impossible to 'push the button' to publish any of what I have written so far, because so many other things keep cropping up to add. So I am going to take a few days completely away from blogging to try and 'reboot' my mental processes; walk on the beach, just have a few days when I am not going to feel 'guilty' about not 'pushing the button' and do other things I enjoy doing. With a bit of luck I'll get back some of my blogging 'vrrooomm' by next week.

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