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Thursday 10 May 2007

Eurovision 2007 - Semi-final tonight

(Please see UPDATE at end)

If like me you are a fan of the festival of campery that is the Eurovision Song Contest you'll probably be aware that the semi-final is being held in Helsinki tonight when 28 countries will compete and 10 will be selected to go foward to the final this coming Saturday along with the 14 countries pre-selected.

Tonight's show will be broadcast in the UK on BBC3 television (8 - 10.40pm) and the countries competing in the semi-finals are:

1. Bulgaria
2. Israel
3. Cyprus
4. Belarus
5. Iceland
6. Georgia
7. Montenegro
8. Switzerland
9. Moldova
10. The Netherlands
11. Albania
12. Denmark
13. Croatia
14. Poland
15. Serbia
16. Czech Republic
17. Portugal
18. FYR Macedonia
19. Norway
20. Malta
21. Andorra
22. Hungary
23. Estonia
24. Belgium
25. Slovenia
26. Turkey
27. Austria
28. Latvia

You can watch videos of all 42 competing countries' entries for this year's competion here and you can print out a scorecard for this evening's semi-final here (.PDF file), by clicking on the link near the top of the page.

The full official website for this year's competition is here, although the BBC version seems in many ways more complete.

UPDATE: (Thursday 10MAY07 23.10) The ten countries from the semi-finals who have been chosen to go through to the final on Saturday are listed here, together with my comments on the evening's proceedings.

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