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Saturday 12 May 2007

Eurovision 2007 - final tonight in Helsinki!

UK entry performed by Scooch

"Flying the Flag"

Good Luck tonight!

The excitement is, well, creeping upwards and I shall be putting a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator later this afternoon, by which time I shall also have purchased my 'fix' of hand-made Belgian chocolates, to help pass an evening of Wogan's witticisms and the voting marathon which will follow the performances. It's being shown tonight on BBC1 television from 8 - 11.15 (it usually over-runs by a few minutes).

The talk is that Ukraine's entry, Dancing Lasha Tumbai, performed by Verka SERDUCHKA is the favourite; it's actually quite a jolly song (sung in German) and the performers are colourful and colourfully-dressed and seem in the preview video to be having a great time - it should do well, I think. Next year Kiev? - Although I think having it from Odessa would be good, too! The 'Diana lookalike' pretty-boy Koldun from Belarus has a good song to sing, so he may well do well, too. You can see videos of all the entries including these two by clicking on the links here. You can download and print a scorecard by clicking on the link near the top of this page - makes it much easier than trying to scribble on the minute spaces in the RadioTimes print edition.

Amongst many others who 'blog' Eurovision, I shall be watching what both Blognor Regis and Come into my world have to say, although when he gets round to posting tomorrow (as he's out to a musical tonight, he says) what Jae at Come back to what you know has to say should be amusing as he is usually good value, too.

For the record, these are the 24 finalists for tonight's show:
(+ - countries which came through from the semi-finals on Thursday)

1. Bosnia & Herzegovina
2. Spain
3. Belarus (+)
4. Ireland
5. Finland
6. FYR Macedonia (+)
7. Slovenia (+)
8. Hungary (+)
9. Lithuania
10. Greece
11. Georgia (+)
12. Sweden
13. France
14. Latvia (+)
15. Russua
16. Germany
17. Serbia (+)
18. Ukraine
19. United Kingdom
20. Romania
21. Bulgaria (+)
22. Turkey (+)
23. Armenia
24. Moldova (+)

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