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Saturday 10 March 2007

US conservative Episcopalians reconsider their ties with Nigerian Bishop Akinola

Consevative Episcopalian dioceses which broke away from the US Episcopalian Church last year, because of doctrinal differences over the ordination of gays and the appointment of Bishop Gene Robinson to the Bishopric of Boston, and subordinated themselves to Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria, have been reconsidering the wisdom of the move, in the light of the draconian anti-gay legislation likely to be passed by the Nigerian Legislature in the near future.

Just last month Archbishop Akinola was one of seven Anglican Church leaders who declined to take Communion with Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams and with the head of the US Episcopalian Church, Archbishop Katharine Jefferts Schori - she is not only Primate of a Church which has appointed a gay Bishop, she is also a woman and that is something some of the conservatives don't like either, even if (in my view) they failed to expel the US Episcopalian Church from the worldwide Anglican Church, so formalising the de facto schism in the Anglican Communion, because wiser counsels realised it would be folly to cut themselves off from the financial support which the wealthy US Church has always, because they are good Christians, been prepared to make available to less prosperous parts of the Anglican Communion.

Now the US conservative Episcopalians are bleating that they were not really aware of the pending legislation in Nigeria. Well it serves them right! They should have done a bit more research before subrodinating themselves to the authority of a Church Leader even more bigoted and homophobic than themselves. They are being forced to face up to the real character of the man, Bishop Akinola, they now recognise as their spiritual Leader. By their fruits ye shall know them.

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