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Thursday 21 December 2006

No, I haven't gone away (yet), just got very busy ...

... partly because of the run-up to Christmas, but to be truthful more because of planning for my imminent lengthy visit to Spain where I'll be from mid-January (staying here in a rented property as my own little house won't be ready until November next year), returning to Scotland toward the end of April. Assuming I can get my laptop to work with the wi-fi networks in the hotels I'll be staying in during my trip out to Spain I shall do a daily blog on my journey south from Holland and through France and Spain. Otherwise it'll be limited to occasional blogs once I get there.

There's been lots to write about (Blair and his shoddy excuse for a Government, the 'cash for Peerages' scandal, the worsening situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the prospect of elections to the Scottish Parliament next May, etc., etc.), but I simply have not had the time to devote proper attention to these and the many other issues that I would normally have covered. Luckily, though, there are many other quality blogs to read and comment upon, a few of which are included in my blogroll at left.

Now if you want some mindless glee watch this rather clever video uploaded to YouTube; persevere until the end (if you can) for the punchline which, because of what has gone before, is something of a non sequitur. Personally I found it a way to lighten the mood of gloom coupled with the frenetic activity I've been experiencing over the past couple of weeks, what with the horrendous murders in Ipswich, the usual transport chaos in the run-up to Christmas and, in my case, the mad, hectic schedule I shall be dealing with during the next six days of catering and entertaining - much as I enjoy doing it, the whole thing does require meticulous planning to ensure that there are no items I've overlooked until too late. Tomorrow, for example, is 'pick up turkey day' and the last day I'll have available to do the final bits of food and gift shopping, if Saturday's and Sunday's tasks are to be accomplished.

(thru 'Til the Cows Come Home)

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